Work but not Life!

A Scheduled Imbalance

There is so called work-life balance in our lives. But this hectic life has left us with imbalance between work and life. Actually we are not living, we are just hustling. Waking up in morning till sleeping at night everything is so scheduled that we don’t have time for ourselves. We or our family may have some desires. But, these busy schedule don’t give us any time for activities other than work.
Find a purpose of life and work on it.


These routine of life take away our family or near ones from us. There is lack of communication and thereby creating rift. It also has taken a heavy toll on our mental and physical health. Many of us feel depressed, bored, ill, unhealthy and lacking fun in our life. We have become so busy that two persons are living together but there is no deep conversation between them for a long time. Our life has become full of tension.
Work has been overestimated and life has been underestimated.

Think and Change

It’s not that we don’t know how to deal with the situation. We don’t want to deal and also we have less time. Proper schedule is mandatory for maintaining work-life balance. Divide time equally for work, family and personal aspirations. If you are content with yourself, happiness and work satisfaction will follow. There is no need of hustling as life goes on despite anything. Everything is equally important in life.

A modest problem creating complexity

Mental Presence and Mindset

How many of us consider mental presence crucial while we are busy or working? Does anyone ever felt why he is failing continuously to do something?

Certainly, only some of us would feel that while some of us didn’t bother about it. In most cases, we lack the mindset or presence of mind. We just do the work. The work is completed or not is not any matter. Merely by concentrating a little bit the outcome can be outstanding. Mental presence has a great impact on our daily lives. Mental presence changes the way we look at tasks. Some tasks may look tedious at first, but going at it with our whole mind, it can be done easily. It’s not that hard tasks become easy on its own. Our mind is full of distractions we think of many things at a time. That thinking makes an easy task hard. Sometimes we want to do two things at once. But none of the work finishes well. This is the problem we should do one task at a time. Doing a task not only mean physically doing, mental presence is more necessary. 

One Thing at Once – Mindfulness 

Mental presence make us understand different aspects of a task clearly and thus helps in completion more satisfactorily. For example, if anyone is eating, playing, talking, busy in a task or any other action he should do one thing at once. Don’t talk while eating or don’t do any task while talking. If you are eating focus fully on your food. Focusing on a single thing releases positive energy and increases efficiency too. We may feel drowsy while doing a similar task daily. The presence of mind can induce different ideas or ways for doing a single job. One can’t even imagine mindfulness reaps amazing rewards. The presence of mind while doing any job creates joy and innovative ideas. Our thought process makes our life complicated but the presence of mind can make our lives simple and easy. 

Mindset – A necessity

While doing a job the most important thing is the mindset. With the proper mindset, anything can be accomplished. We are always in two minds whether to do or not. If a person has a clear mindset then there are no options left. The person will get a clear path towards the aimed objective. There is a quote that enjoy what you are doing or do what you most enjoy. But not all of us get jobs what we desire. For those who are unable to enjoy the task, change the mindset and everything else will change. 

If you are not enjoying what you are doing first practice mindfulness and then your mindset will be changed. Don’t create a fixed mindset change it according to every situation. Presence of mind will show you ways to do a job and proper mindset is necessary for proper completion of job. A positive mindset never loses.

Endangering Ourselves

Natural Calamities and Humans

Nature is an indispensable resource of earth. Without nature every human being would have extinct. The nature gives us every important thing we need to survive on this earth. Actually, all those things are enough to survive. We are failing to take care of nature but it knows well to replenish itself. We are from nature but some of us think that nature is from us. This thinking has got us to a life full of threats. We are moulding nature according to our selfish needs. Everything in nature is connected. Destroying a part of nature endangers another.

Is natural disasters actually natural or man-made ?

The so-called natural calamity is not fully natural. Nature has given us a response to the destruction we are causing. Mining for ores, Deforestation, Building Dams and major one is Industrialization. The response comes in his own ways. Sometimes it’s the earthquake while sometimes heavy rainfall, drought, tsunamis and deadly cyclones. Level of destruction by nature is double of the destruction we cause. As we have seen we have nowhere to hide, we feel helpless. But still a little of us is doing anything to maintain the balance of nature.

Major natural disasters and WE the Innocent Culprits and Victims too 


 In recent times several cyclones have appeared. We always think that it is natural and we can’t do anything about it. But the fact is we have done something unnatural and it’s only the response. Coastal areas are more prone to cyclones. Cyclones are inevitable due to the increasing temperature of the earth. Global warming due to urbanization is a major cause of increasing temperature.

Mangroves – A savior

Mangroves a group of trees that grows in salt water. They are present in between coastal areas and oceans. Whenever cyclones hit the coastal areas they play a pivotal role in de-energising the cyclones. A cyclone with less energy causes less destruction. But we want modernization and bags full of money. Thus, the coastal areas rich in mangroves turned into resorts and hotels. Soon after nature gives a response and takes a toll claiming hundreds of lives. But we are innocent and victims too. One such example is Odisha Cyclone 1999 that caused thousands deaths.


 We all know that the Earthquake happens because of a tremor felt in tectonic plates due to seismic waves. But in recent years a series of earthquakes was felt. Nature can’t be so cruel to us. It must be a response to some human unnatural activity. Mining is a major cause of the triggering of earthquakes. Fracking for oil and natural gas has induced deadly earthquakes that one can’t think about. Building of dams also induces a number of earthquakes. Moreover, earthquakes also trigger tsunamis that are more deadly. An Indian Ocean Tsunami occured in 2004 claimed around 2,30,000 deaths in fourteen countries. Human activities have caused earthquakes of magnitude 7 to 8. But we don’t know anything about why and how it is happening.

Floods and Drought

As like other natural calamities these two have also created catastrophes. Rainfall mostly occurs in the rainy season before Industrialization. Alteration in pattern of rainfall, landslides, drought these all are consequences of urbanisation and Industrialisation. Due to increasing population and growing demand agricultural lands have undergone drastic changes. Due to these changes fertility of soil becomes less. Water absorbing property of soil has also gone down. Moreover, due to urbanisation impermeable substances like roads and plane surfaces have become more.Deforestation is a major cause of drought as trees play a huge role in maintaining ecological balance. They are also an integral part of the water cycle. Man-made dams, bridges or other infrastructures are failing miserably in doing their jobs. There are several instances when floods and drought imposed huge devastation. But when it comes to finding the reason for this happening nature is blamed. We don’t look at our actions. Nature will replenish itself in his own ways. It’s us who are endangered but no one understands.

Is it unstoppable ? What to do now ?

Uttarakhand Flash Floods, Gujarat earthquake, Maharashtra Drought, Floods in Bihar that occur annually all have claimed thousands of lives. Several more natural calamities occur mostly due to climatic changes. Humans are mostly responsible for these uneven climatic changes. So, we should stop playing blame games and start acting responsibly for ourselves. Sustainable development is the need of the hour. We should develop but without harming our environment. We are a part of nature and it’s our responsibility to keep it safe.

A modern problem

Communication Gap

Communication gap is the most destructive gap. It arises when a person perceives a statement in another way than it meant to say . There are several factors due to which it happens. It may be a difference of viewpoint. It may be due to lack of interest or attention. Further, there are statements while having a conversation that have no relevance to the ongoing topic.

Are we conversing ? 

A good conversation can make a human feel well and connected. A conversation is proper when two people or more are discussing a topic. Both of them are free to tell their side of the story. Their views are understable by one another. When two are conversing it is necessary that only one speak at a time. Active listening is most necessary. One should not interfere in between while the other one is speaking. The process should let one end his statement. After that another one’s one by one should speak in favour or against that is up to them. 

Problems due to communication gap

Nowadays, there is a lack of active listeners. People don’t listen to know other’s views, they only listen to what they want to hear. On the contrary , some people speak only for pointing out other’s mistakes. These things unknowingly create differences in a society. If a problem arised, a small percentage of people are there who will help in the solution. Others find it as an opportunity to taunt. We are not solution oriented instead we have become ego driven. We cannot hear anything against ourselves. It doesn’t matter if it will benefit us or not. What we listen is what we talk about. Sometimes we speak without stopping or till our story doesn’t end. Listening to others calmly imparts knowledge while only speaking limits us to what we know already. A major problem is that we speak unknowingly. It doesn’t matter we know about a matter or not we talk about it and confidently say things that has no existence in real world.

There are hundreds of issues daily only because of communication gaps. There are several small issues that bother us. We don’t want to talk properly, instead we prefer to keep distance and taunt from behind. This gap takes a dangerous form and creates a rift between two. Instead of maintaining distance and avoiding communication if we communicate our lives will be much simpler and happier.